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'Bypass Proxy Free' is an anonymous web based proxy where you can quickly and securely bypass your local network's browsing restrictions and unblock blocked websites in seconds. It's a well known practice to block popular social community websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Ello etc. at firewall with content filters. Schools, Colleges, Libraries, Universities and Workplaces employ sophisticated and expensive software like Websense, Blue Coat and SmartFilter to implement censoring. Needless to say it violates your freedom of expression which might be against the law. Our free proxy lets you regain access to your favorite sites in just a few seconds. No need to worry about annoying filters anymore!

We make sure your Internet privacy is well protected. Our web proxy makes the HTTP request and fetches web content, not exposing your presence. You are completely anonymous to the visited websites as we hide your online identity; including sensitive and detectable/ traceable information such as your computer's IP address and browser user-agent details. We replace them with our own custom values. As they only have what we gave them, you do not appear in their logs. This ensures complete anonymity while you get over frustrating Internet censorship.

Scripts running on third party websites can be insecure time to time as they run in your local computer's browser, since they are client-side processes. We allow you to turn off insecure JavaScript and Flash content, if required. Simply use the 'Options' menu available in the main form. Additionally you can choose what value we send as the browser referrer. Please use the Referrer Manager interface and you can set own values.

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Filtering software companies have spent years of research to find different methods and processes to identify and block new proxies. This makes lifetime of a new proxy, very short. Get access to a new proxy feed - Please join our yahoo group and get on to a secret source for fresh proxy sites.

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While we help you to regain your Internet freedom; please note that we are a completely free proxy service running on advertising revenue. Please don't abuse our service as it is only intended to protect your privacy and freedom of expression. We keep logs to prevent abuse and protect our legitimate user base. Please take your time to review our Terms of Use & Privacy Policy for more on that.

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